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5 Reasons To Love Manual Cars

Some people feel that manual driving is a thing of the past because our high-tech world developed an alternative type of transmission. When in actuality, driving a stick shift is a lost art that gives you thrilling fulfillment and saves you a few bucks at the gas station. There are endless benefits to learning to master the art of shifting gears. The key points to follow highlight a few of the reasons why you will probably grow to love manual cars.

Traveling Abroad

The majority of the cars around the world, especially in Europe, were designed with manual transmissions. Hence, the reason why European cars are seen as sporty and cutting-edge. If you live in the Western Hemisphere, then manual cars are foreign to you.

The cool part about manual transmissions is that the gearbox and pedals are the same, so when you take a road trip across Europe you are even comfortable driving on the other side of the car.

Better Buy

A manual transmission is cheaper to build which is why the sale price of a manual is lower than that of an automatic transmission. Manual transmissions also pay off under the hood, with substantially lower costs for maintenance and repairs.

Besides the cost and other features of the manual cars, you will also develop a valuable technique which some people consider a form of art. Driving a stick shift enables to you drive any car. You should find security in knowing that you are prepared for emergency situations.

The Need for Speed

Have you ever heard someone say "Sticks are more fun!" Well, sports car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike rate manual transmissions as their first choice in a vehicle. It is also said that with manual cars you have the "15% rule" which guarantees you an extra 15 percent of horsepower compared to an automatic. There are many reasons why most high-performance cars only use manual transmissions. They accelerate quicker, perform better, and don’t limit you as the driver. And when you are going that fast it’s important to remain in control of the car.

Most people like the feeling of having more control over the car anyway since they determine the level of power from the engine to the wheels. This also helps you to better react in inclement weather and other hazardous driving situations.

Fuel Economy

Getting better MPGs is as simple as driving a stick shift. The transmission weighs less, which absorbs fuel at a slower pace, thus saving you money. Even shifting into neutral when coasting to stops uses the least amount of fuel.

The cars most recently produced have amazing fuel and energy-efficient features that compete with that of a manual car. But don’t feel bad, think of stick shifts as the original energy conservation, fuel-efficient vehicle that it has always been.

No Distracted Driving

Are you the multi-tasking type, who can do it all? Well, if you are not then you will do just fine driving a stick shift. Although once you are used to manual driving and the feel of the car when you shift gears, you will be fine; however, it requires movement from your whole body. With your complete attention on the road and the car’s movement, you won’t have time to send that text or eat that burger!

Automatic transmissions are so boring! Embark on a new journey and learn how to drive a stick shift. It’s a handy skill and a respected craft. For more tips and information on the power of the stick shift, operating manual cars, and all of your other driving concerns, contact us.