Save on Insurance With Our California Mature Driver Course

Our California Mature Driver Improvement Course is the quick and easy way for mature drivers to get a discount on their insurance.

  • Self-paced course, available 24/7
  • Live 7-day customer service
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Works on any computer or mobile device
  • Certificate included

If you have a California Traffic Violation Ticket, take our California Traffic School course instead.

If you have a commercial license, you need to take our California CDL Traffic School course instead.

Quick and painless.

Here's a quick overview of how our California Mature Driver Improvement Course works. Click the Details tab above for more info.

Step 1: Register

Create an account so you can stop and restart the course at any time.

Step 2: Complete the course

Work at your own pace. Retake the exam until you earn your certificate.

Step 3: Apply for your discount

Send the certificate to your insurance company to get your discount.

Details of our California Mature Driver Improvement Course.

If you’re a licensed driver age 55 or older, you may qualify for an insurance premium reduction after completing this course. Check with your insurance company to find out the amount of your discount and any other requirements for eligibility.

Step 1: Register

When you click "Sign up now," you'll go to a page where you can choose how to receive your certificate, create an account, and pay. After that, you'll enter some information from your diver's license so we can get your certificate filled out correctly.

Step 2: Take the Course

The course is designed to be a 6-7 hour program. There are 11 units in the course with 11 review quizzes along the way. You can walk away any time you want, and pick it up again where you left off by just logging in.

At the end of the course there's a final exam, which consists of 25 multiple choice questions.

A score of 70% or more will pass the exam. If you don't get 70% the first time, you can take it again, as many times as you like.

Step 3: Apply for your discount

After you complete the course, we'll send you your certificate. It will go out the next business day. How long it takes to reach you depends on the shipping option you choose.

You can then use your certificate to apply for a discount from your insurance company - check with them for details.

FAQ for our California Mature Driver Course course.

Yes, Traffic School Online is a licensed provider. We are licensed by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Our license number is MO363.
The course is designed to be a 6-7 hour program. There are 11 units in the course with 11 review quizzes. The final exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions and it is an open book exam, meaning you may refer back to the course material at any time during the exam. You must score at least 70% in order to pass the exam. If you fail the final exam, you may re-take it one additional time.

$24.97. We take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal.

We do offer a low price guarantee. Simply supply us with the web address of the competing school. We will match upon verification of the final price. All price adjustments must be made prior to course payment.

This course can be taken once every 3 years to maintain your insurance discount. The three year period is counted from the date you completed the course.
Take as long as you need to complete the course. You can walk away and come back whenever you like - just log in and we'll take you back to the place where you left off.

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