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Traffic Survival School in AZ: What You Need to Know

In Arizona the distinction between Traffic Survival School and online traffic schools becomes vital. Whether you're searching for the best online traffic school or the lowest-priced option, knowing which course best serves your needs is crucial. Let's delve into the differences.


1. What is Traffic Survival School?

Traffic Survival School (TSS) in Arizona focuses on enhancing drivers' habits and deepening their understanding of state road laws and regulations. This course is uniquely tailored to the reasons a driver was directed to attend, reflecting their driving behavior. Important to note, that TSS can only be taken in person, providing a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience.

For more information on TSS and available resources, visit the AZ MVD website or their dedicated resources page.


2. Traffic Survival School vs. Online Defensive Driving Course

Avoid mixing up Traffic Survival School with the standard Defensive Driving Course, especially when considering online options. Here's how they differ:

Purpose: While Traffic Survival School refines driving habits and improves knowledge of road rules, the Defensive Driving Course, like ours, is designed primarily for dismissing traffic citations.

Eligibility for the Defensive Driving Course: A driver qualifies for the Defensive Driving Course if they haven't taken it for another citation issued within the 12 months preceding their current citation. Here's the full list of eligible violations.

Format: TSS is strictly an in-person course, while many defensive driving courses, especially the best online traffic schools, offer online formats. If you're interested in the lowest priced and most convenient option for ticket dismissal, our Arizona Defensive Driving Course might be just what you need.


3. Why the Distinction Matters

Knowing the difference between these courses ensures you make informed decisions. While we pride ourselves on offering the best online traffic school experience with our Defensive Driving Course, it's crucial to know when Traffic Survival School might be more appropriate.


The Road Ahead

Road safety is a shared responsibility. If you're uncertain about which course to opt for or have further questions, the AZ MVD contact page is a great place to start. Remember, whether you're dismissing a citation or refining your driving skills, the proper knowledge ensures safer roads for all.

Seeking the best and lowest-priced online Defensive Driving Course in Arizona? Look no further. Enroll with us today and drive with confidence!