6 Unusual Reasons You Could Get a Ticket

You're familiar with the driving laws in your state. You stop at stop signs, don't speed, and don't run red lights. As long as you're following those critical rules, you aren't going to end up with an expensive ticket, right? Unfortunately, those aren't the only reasons you can end up getting a ticket--and knowing these unusual reasons for a ticket can help you avoid trouble in the future.

1. You didn't check distracted driving laws for unfamiliar states.

Some states allow you to use your cell phone while you're driving as long as you aren't texting or operating an app. Others don't even allow you to talk on the phone when you're behind the wheel of the car. Many states are also currently taking steps to improve their distracted driving laws, so it's important that you remain aware of the laws and their changes throughout your state.

2. You're suspected of driving under the influence.

You've been on the road for too long, and as a result, you're starting to waver in your driving. Perhaps you've drifted off the road or almost missed a stop sign. If an officer suspects you of driving under the influence, they may go ahead and pull you over--but if they can't prove it, they'll write you a ticket for a smaller infraction. This could include not wearing your seat belt or failing to use a turn signal to change lanes--little things that can have a big impact.

3. You're driving too slowly.

You know that driving too fast is a problem. Have you taken the time to check out your state's slow driver rules? Driving too slowly can be just as bad for traffic as driving too fast--and it can cause accidents! If you're driving too slowly, an officer may pull you over. In some states, this isn't just a matter of making sure you're okay. It can also be grounds to issue a ticket.

4. Leaving the scene of an accident.

Did you observe or participate in an accident and go speeding away again? No matter how busy you are, it's not okay to leave the scene of the accident, especially if you were one of the cars involved in the crash. Make sure that if you were involved in accident, you stop and wait for the authorities if necessary. This will allow you to avoid even more expense in addition to the accident.

5. You're not aware of common rules of the road.

Does your state require you to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks? What's the legal restriction on passing distance for bikes--whether they're in bike lanes or on the road? Pay attention to pedestrians and bikes when you're driving, and make sure you're familiar with the state's rules. These little things can lead to serious fines.

6. You're driving without a license.

Sure, if you do everything right, it's unlikely that you'll get pulled over unless you're going through a checkpoint. Driving without a license, however, is still grounds for a ticket--and if you do get pulled over, it can carry a heavy fine and other consequences. If your license has been suspended, stay out from behind the wheel of your car.

Little mistakes on the road can add up fast, especially if you have a habit of not paying attention to the rules of the road in your state. The best way to avoid receiving a ticket is to regularly recheck the rules of the road in your state. You don't have to be able to pass a driver's test all over again, but it does pay to stay familiar with those rules in order to avoid costly tickets.