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5 Simple Savings Tips For Rideshare & Delivery Drivers

Easy and proactive steps to real world savings, insurance discounts, and professional driver improvement.

In recent years, rideshare and delivery services, such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and GrubHub, have become increasingly popular for their customers and as a second career. If you are a driver or plan to become one of these drivers, then we've got 5 easy tips to help you save money every month!

5 - It's All About the Benjamins: Getting Insurance Discounts

Any driver is required to have auto insurance, but were you aware that your personal auto insurance policy does not necessarily shield you from liability for accidents and traffic tickets that occur whilst you are driving professionally! For this reason, many Uber drivers choose to acquire “rideshare” insurance, but those policies can get really expensive. That’s why, if you plan to work for a delivery or rideshare service, you should ask your auto insurance provider if the policy you have allows for a “Voluntary Driver improvement course” in exchange for an insurance discount. Many policyholders have that stipulation already in their policy just waiting to be applied for a nice little discount. If you are eligible, you can easily enroll in a driver improvement course to get that insurance discount and save money today.

4 - If I Could Turn Back Time: Fixing Your Driving Record

Maybe you want to be a driver, but you have an existing ticket on your record. Some states actually allow you to take a “points credit” course to retroactively remove the demerit points on your record that may be there due to past tickets. Plus, removing these points will very frequently improve and lower your current insurance premiums. Some states that offer points credit courses are Alaska, Nevada, New Jersey, and Virginia. For more details, contact or call 800 800 3579.

3 - Stand By Your Plan: Make A Plan To Reduce Daily Expenses

Make A Plan To Reduce Daily Expenses Knowing when and where to drive will help you increase the fare potential during your shifts. Familiarizing yourself with the area you will be driving in will also reduce unnecessary driving and fuel expenditure between locations you may need to utilize during your shift, such as public restrooms and gas stations. Additionally, your plan should include affordable meal prep; put simply, that means you can prepare yourself a weeks worth of sandwiches in advance, for about the cost of a single fast food combo-meal. So save money by bringing snacks with you during your shift, and avoid excess spending on fast food.

2 - Papa’s got a brand-new bag: Special Discounts For Mature Drivers

Special Discounts For Mature Drivers It may not surprise you to learn that most frequent rideshare users are under the age of 30, you may be surprised to learn that, according to a poll conducted in 2017, 54% of Uber drivers are over the age of 50, with almost 25% over 60. It also may surprise you to learn that many insurance companies offer specific auto insurance discounts to senior drivers who pass a “mature driver improvement course”. So, if you are 55+ and looking for a way to reduce your insurance costs, a Mature Driver Course may just be for you.

1 - She Works Hard For The Money: Proactively Protecting Your License

As a professional driver you will be on the road more than the average driver, so your odds of being pulled over for a minor moving violation is substantially higher than that of the average motorist. Non-Criminal traffic tickets, such as rolling through a stop sign, or minor speeding infractions are the number 1 reason for car insurance to go up. Fortunately, most states have a way to prevent a traffic ticket from being seen by your auto insurance company. So if you get a ticket while driving, it's best to be proactive and contact a traffic school ASAP, before your insurance company has a chance to ding you for it.

We hope this guide to traffic tickets, auto insurance discounts, and professional driver tips to save money has been helpful; so, if you have any other questions about driver improvement courses for insurance discounts, feel free to contact us.