10 Weird Driving Laws that You Didn't Know


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For the most part, traffic laws are placed for the welfare and benefit of all people, drivers and pedestrians alike. But every so often a bizarre law is passed that makes you scratch your head and think: “Who thought that was necessary?” Some of these laws are so blatantly obvious that they should go without saying, while others are so ridiculous that you couldn't imagine anyone committing the offense. Check out these weird, but true driving laws:

1) In Glendale, CA, it is illegal to jump into or out of a vehicle in motion

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems pretty obvious that jumping out of a moving vehicle is a bad idea. Maybe it has to do with Glendale being so close to Los Angeles, where they shoot all those high-speed action movies, that people down there are prone to attempt such reckless stunts.

Well, in case you didn't know it already, jumping out of a moving vehicle is very dangerous--and illegal in Glendale as well.

2) In Connecticut, it’s illegal to hunt from a car or ATV

Another act that seems extremely dangerous is hunting from a moving vehicle (not to mention unsportsmanlike). To prevent this from happening, Connecticut passed a law prohibiting hunting or shooting from a vehicle. This law extends to ATVs as well, even if the vehicle is painted bright orange. So if you plan on hunting, expect to travel on foot the old-fashioned way.

3) There’s no driving through playgrounds in Georgia

Here’s a prime example of a law that seems so obvious it should go without saying. Law legislatures in Georgia thought it necessary to create a law specifically prohibiting driving through playgrounds. I don’t know about you, but I've never had any reason to drive through a playground nor can I think of even one good reason why I would need to. Common sense dictates on this one: don’t drive through playgrounds!

4) Thirty days in jail for anyone who screeches his tires in Derby, Kansas

Here’s an example of a law that seems a bit excessive. According to a law passed in Derby, Kansas, screeching your tires can land you up to a $500 fine and/or thirty days in jail. I agree that it's annoying when people do this, but these punishments seem like overkill. Whether you agree with me or not, play it safe, and don’t screech your tires in Derby!

5) No running out of gas in Youngstown, Ohio

I doubt that anyone would intentionally run out of gas while driving. Nonetheless, a law was passed in Youngstown, Ohio stating that running out of gas on the road is a misdemeanor offense. As if running out of gas wasn't bad enough, you could also end up with a ticket. Better double-check your fuel gauge before heading out on a trip to Ohio!

6) In Oregon, you cannot leave your car door open any longer than is necessary

Have you ever waited for someone to close their car door so you could park in the spot next to them? Oregon legislatures have and were fed up with waiting! A law was passed in Oregon prohibiting someone from leaving a car door open longer than is necessary. To do so is a Class D traffic violation. Be sure to keep those doors closed while staying in the “Beaver State.”

7) Rockville, MD - Swearing from the vehicle is a misdemeanor

Be wary, potty mouths! Swearing while driving in Rockville, Maryland is considered a misdemeanor offense if any pedestrians or other drivers can hear you. So, if you’re prone to quick bursts of profanity, either curse quietly or keep your aggravated remarks to yourself while driving. Honestly, it’s never a good idea to yell or scream anything from your vehicle, especially curse words. That’s an example of road rage which can be dangerous and distracting. But in Rockville, it’s not only a bad idea to do so, it’s illegal, too!

8) Illegal to spit from a car or bus in Marietta, GA, but okay to spit from a truck

This law makes zero sense to me. It’s illegal to spit from a car or bus in Marietta, Georgia, but it’s perfectly alright to spit from a truck. I can’t even justify this law--it’s completely ridiculous. I’d just play it safe and not spit from any vehicle while driving in Georgia. It’s a disgusting habit, anyway.

9) Hilton Head, SC, forbids storing trash in vehicle

I’m sure most of us have left trash in our vehicles before--I know I have. Well, if you’re in Hilton Head, South Carolina, you might want to keep an extra clean car because it’s considered a nuisance offense if you use your car to store trash. This seems a very strange law to enforce. I can imagine police officers patrolling the streets, peering into car windows, and writing tickets to see a certain level of garbage strewed across the seats and floor. Silly, isn’t it? Still, I’ll be sure to keep my car spotless next time I drive through Hilton Head.

10) In Alaska, you cannot tie a pet to the roof of your car

I’m not sure who would ever tie a pet to the outside of a car, especially in freezing weather conditions, but apparently, there are such people out there. Alaska found it necessary to pass a law specifically forbidding the carrying of animals on the outside of a vehicle. This means no tying pets to the roof or sides, or hanging them out of the windows as you drive down icy highways. Why would you ever do this? Don’t ask me! I’m just as confused by this ridiculous law as you likely are! Keep your animals inside the vehicle where it’s safe, warm, and legal.

There are plenty of laws out there that make sense, and then there are the few that are just plain weird. If you’re planning on making a trip someplace new, it might be a good idea to do a quick search to see if that location harbors any strange laws that you might want to look into.

Happy driving, everyone!