4 Hour Traffic School Online

Looking for a 4 hour Traffic School, Defensive Driving or Driver Improvement course? We offer State Approved courses to dismiss your violation and satisfy Court requirements. Simply choose the State where you received your violation, or who has mandated you to take a course to learn more.

Our most popular certified 4 hour courses include:

Arizona - Defensive Driving and Court Ordered courses

Florida - Basic Driver Improvement and DHSMV Required

Michigan - SOS Driver Improvement and Ticket Dismissal

We also offer approved 6 hour courses and 8 hour courses.

Quick & Easy 4 Hour Traffic School

Attending a 4 hour traffic school online course is ideal because in the same time it takes you to read a book, you could attend a 4 hour traffic school and have your traffic tickets dismissed.

Considering your 4 Hour Traffic School Options 

It's important to note that a 4 hour traffic school course ends up eating up your entire day if you opt for a bricks-and-mortar course provider. That's because you need to tack on things like getting ready for class and travel time when considering a 4 hour traffic school option. 

Online Traffic School in a Snap 

Choosing an online 4 hour traffic school course will change your perception of traffic ticket dismissal. If you have a desktop computer or laptop with an internet connection, we're ready to bring a traffic school course into your home, office, or wherever it's convenient for you. Get started and sign up for our 4 or 8 hour traffic school today.