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Court Required - No Safe Driving Points Assigned

The court is requiring you to take a Driver Improvement Clinic.

Court Required - Non-Resident

The Court is requiring you to take Traffic School and you do NOT hold a Virginia Drivers License.

Court Required - Safe Driving Points Assigned

The court is requiring you to take a Driver Improvement Clinic & will allow Safe Driving Points NOTE: you must provide us with a copy of the court notification which states the driver will be awarded Safe Driving Points.


You wish to take a Driver Improvement Course as a preemptive measure prior to your court hearing.

Safe Driving Points

You want to receive five good points on your DMV driving record, or remove five negative points. You must hold a Virginia Driver’s License, be over 20 years of age, and not have a Commercial License.

DMV Required

Virginia DMV has mandated you to take a Driver Improvement Clinic. You must hold a Virginia Drivers License, be over 20 years of age, and not have a Commercial License.

Mature Driver

This course is for Mature Drivers age 55 or older to refresh driving knowledge and skills.

Insurance Discount

Receive a discount on your insurance premium.

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Verified Testing

The state NO LONGER requires in person Verification Testing; this means that you can complete your course and final exam from the comfort of your own home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, TrafficSchoolOnline is an approved provider. We are approved by the Virginia DMV. Our School ID is #0335.
The course is designed to fulfill the 8 hour state requirement. There are 10 units in the course each followed by a review quiz. There is a closed-book final exam, 80% correct is required to pass. Unlimited retakes are available, however, you will only have one opportunity to pass the exam every 24 hours.
$44.95. Visa and MasterCard are accepted, or you may pay by Cashiers Check or Money Order.

We do offer a low price guarantee. Simply supply us with the web address of the competing school. We will match upon verification of the final price. All price adjustments must be made prior to course payment.
This course can be taken once every 24 months (2 years) to obtain 5 safe driving points on your Virginia driving record. There is no restriction on how often you may take this course for ticket dismissal, fine reduction, or to fulfill a court requirement. It is your responsibility to determine if your court accepts this computer-based driver improvement course to satisfy a court required driver improvement course.
When you submit your certificate of completion for the dismissal of the traffic ticket or at the court hearing, whichever comes first.
Yes. If you are under age 20, this computer-based driver improvement clinic will not satisfy a driver improvement clinic requirement. You must satisfactorily complete a clinic that provides classroom instruction.
Voluntary, Court Related or Insurance Discount: Your completion will be available for you to print out immediately after you complete the course.

DMV Requirement or 5 Safe Driving Points: Your completion information will be electronically submitted to DMV within 24 hours.
You will want to complete the course in plenty of time to get the certificate to the court prior to your due date.


Approved Virginia Driver Improvement Online

Dealing with a Virginia traffic ticket or court? We got you covered. Easily keep your driving record clean with our experienced Virginia Driver Improvement Course.

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Virginia Traffic School with No Inconveniences

Our course allows you to select a location to take the final exam in whichever State you live in, giving you the opportunity to keep your record clean even if you do not live in Virginia. Our testing centers are all pre-approved by Virginia so you know that you will get the help you need at every location.


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Take our course from the comfort of your home. Our course is approved by the State of Virginia and you can take our course all at once, or over time. After completing, your certificate is processed immediately and you can print a confirmation.

Virginia Driver Improvement Course Details

timer  8 Hour Course
graph  8 Units & Review Quizzes
paper and pen  Unlimited Final Exam Attempts
paper with check mark  80% to Pass Final Exam

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