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Basic Driver
Improvement Course

Must have eligibility letter from the Dept. of State for a BDIC course.

Ticket Dismissal

Must have court permission to take this course.

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Michigan Voluntary Course

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Michigan Mature Driver

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The state of Michigan does not license mature driver courses. Contact your auto insurance company to find out if this course will count towards an insurance discount.

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FAQ for our Michigan Traffic School

The course is 4 Hours. It has 7 units, and there are 10 quiz questions for each unit. You need to score 80% on the quizzes to move onto the next unit.
There is a final exam with 40 multiple choice questions. You must score 80% to pass.
The cost of the course is $49.97. (The Michigan Voluntary Course is only $29.97, and the Michigan Mature Driver course is just $24.97.)
  • 100% money back guarantee within 90 days from sign up if student has NOT completed the course.
  • No refunds for failed students.
  • If the course is completed and the student was not eligible, a refund can be given minus a $5 processing fee
  • Refunds after 90 days will be issued at our discretion. Approved refunds can only be issued by a mailed check and a check processing fee, will be withheld.
The State of Michigan hosts its own FAQ, where you can find answers to more questions, here.

State-ordered Basic Driver Improvement Course

You will receive a letter in the mail if you are eligible for this program. You may be eligible if you were ticketed on or after December 31, 2010 and:

  • You have a valid Michigan, non-commercial license, with two or fewer points on your record,
  • The violation was not in a Commercial Motor Vehicle,
  • The violation was not a criminal offense,
  • The ticket you received is on the list of eligible violations.

The Michigan Department of State will mail a notice of eligibility to each eligible customer. The final date that the course may be completed is on the notice.

If you miss the final date, the points and the violation will be on your record and available to insurance companies. However, if you receive a subsequent ticket and are notified that you are eligible again, you may attempt the BDIC for the subsequent ticket.

Immediately upon completion of the course, we will send your results to the Secretary of State.

The course sponsor will notify the Michigan Department of State electronically that you have passed the course. The Michigan Department of State will not add any points from the ticket to your driving record and will not show the ticket information to insurance companies. The ticket information (but not the points) is still placed on your record, though, and may be used for other purposes. For example, a court can still see the ticket information, and probationary drivers may still be subject to a Driver Assessment reexamination and license sanctions even if the driver successfully completes the course.

You are still responsible for any court fees or fines and other expenses related to your ticket.

If you do not know the date, you may contact the SOS and ask for this information. Or we can contact the SOS on your behalf.

For privacy reasons, the Department of State does not provide DLN in response to phone calls, emails, etc.

If you do not know the final date for the course, please email SOS-BDIC@michigan.gov to request this information.

If you do not know their driver license number, they may request a duplicate license or a copy of their driving record by contacting the SOS.

Court-ordered Ticket Dismissal Course

You are eligible for this course if the court where your ticket is assigned has given you permission to take a safety course. This is a separate program from the Basic Driver Improvement Course and your court will require a certificate as evidence of successful completion.

If you are unsure if you have court permission, call the court or visit the County Clerk and ask if you can take Traffic School to dismiss your violation. The court information will be located on the ticket itself.

Your court will provide you with a due date for completing the course.

You will receive a downloadable proof of completion once you finish the course. You may present this proof to your court.

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