Defensive Driving Tips & Techniques

Defensive Driving Tips

Want to develop smarter defensive driving techniques? As the authority on defensive driving techniques, we've got you covered. Maybe you've been ordered to attend a defensive driving program by the state. Or maybe you're looking to brush up on your defensive driving techniques to refresh yourself. Or perhaps you're new to the state and want to ensure that the defensive driving techniques you learned back home apply here.

Here are a few of the many defensive driving tips you can expect to learn in the course:

defensive driving techniques defensive driving tips
  • When you drive, you should keep your eyes moving and look for potential hazards all around your vehicle. Do not focus on the back of the car ahead of you.
  • Look for stoplights of vehicles ahead of you.
  • Watch for vehicles that may attempt to merge.
  • Watch for pedestrians who may enter the roadway
  • Make sure to be aware of traffic signs which warn you of upcoming road conditions.
  • Don't just assume that a signal light will still be green by the time you reach it. Be aware of how long a light has been green so that you are ready to react if the light turns yellow before you arrive at the intersection.

If you're looking for more you can always visit the Traffic School Online blog to read many more defensive driving tips and tricks.

Learn the Right Defensive Driving Techniques

Whatever the reason, our online defensive driving course teaches you how to drive defensively, avoid accidents and stay away from police officers who love to point out violations of proper defensive driving techniques.

Important Defensive Driving Tips, Fully Covered

Our online defensive driving techniques course covers a number of topics including emergency care, basic principles of safe driving, and lots of other material that will help you become a better driver. Knowing smart defensive driving techniques is the first step to avoiding accidents and dodging traffic violations. Confirm your traffic school eligibility and start our quick and easy course today.