Top 9 Driving Apps for Your Commute

We definitely aren't recommending using your cell phone while driving, however there are many beneficial (and free!) apps to make driving more enjoyable and safe. (Be safe and have one of your passengers be the one to actually use the app while your vehicle is in use!) From showing you the current traffic conditions, locating the cheapest gas stations, remembering where you parked your car, or avoiding speed traps, there's bound to be an app on our list that will meet your driving needs. Remember, keep your eyes on the road and do not use any of these apps yourself while you're in the driver's seat!

1. Waze (Free)

Waze is widely popular navigation app that includes many extras such as informing you of accidents, police traps, traffic jams, and alternative routes to save you time. This app encourages users to add or confirm accidents or popular police hiding spots to provide accurate information that's constantly up to date.

Turn-by-turn voice navigation ensures you're always on the right path. Automatic rerouting is another great feature. There's also an option to view local sights and business information if you're new to an area. With over 50 million avid users, this is one affordable and convenient app packed with many great features.

2. GasBuddy (Free)

Car upkeep is costly, but buying the cheapest gas can make such a huge difference in those costs. You may not think a couple of cents make a significant difference, but over the years these can definitely add up! GasBuddy finds you the cheapest gas, no matter where you are. You can search via your current location or a zip code. With over 60 million users, this one's a no-brainer.

3. Roadtrippers (Free)

Roadtrippers is basically like Yelp, but for road trips. If you're planning an extensive road trip with your best buds, this is the app you'll NEED to download. There's simply nothing else like it out there. Not only does it have reviews for hotels, points of interests, food, and top camp grounds, it has advanced planning capabilities that allow you to string all of these points together the way you want them. It gives you a complete picture of your drive including times and lets you easily share itineraries. Splitting gas costs among friends? Roadtrippers makes this incredibly easy as it estimates the amount you're going to spend on gas for your total trip.

4. Repairpal (Free)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed keeping up with when your last oil change was or when you need your tires rotated? Repairpal is an award-winning app keeps track of your car repair history, generates estimates for repair costs, gets you recommendations on the best repair shops in your area, offers roadside assistance, and synchronizes all your repair information on your personal online account. Repairpal gives you the average price for specific repairs to keep you from getting ripped off by mechanics. A win-win for your wallet and your beloved car.

5. PlugShare (Free)

Calling all electric car owners! You'll love PlugShare. An interactive map right at your fingertips, accessing you to more than 40,000 charging stations across the U.S. It even tells you if there's any available spaces left at the charging station you're driving to. It's a simple app, but it could save you from a really expensive tow one day.

6. Automatic ($100 dongle, Free app)

If you're looking to stay in-the-know of all the diagnostics of your car, Automatic is for you. The upfront investment for the dongle (a plug that goes into your vehicle's diagnostic port), is worth all the information that it will provide for you. The dong is equipped with GPS and Bluetooth, which can deliver all kinds of stats about your vehicle and driving. These stats include, gas mileage, engine health, performance, and it even automatically alerts authorities if you've been involved in a bad accident. More apps are available for it too, and most are completely free.

7. (Free) let's you hear incoming text messages, Twitter updates, emails, and Facebook messages without having to look at the screen. Eliminating the urge to grab your phone, fool around with buttons, etc., the app does everything itself and leaves you hands and eyes free, resulting in safer driving. (Only available on Android or Blackberry platforms).

8. Find My Car (Free)

"Dude, where's my car?" If you find yourself saying this often, this app is calling your name. Find My Car uses GPS location services and the internet to save your exact parking location. The frustration filled days of forgetting where you parked your car are long gone after you download this helpful app.

Keep these amazing apps in mind to improve your everyday driving. Many of these apps can help prevent distractions and speeding tickets, however if you're dealing with any obnoxious tickets, Traffic School Online can help you erase them. Be safe out there!