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Got a traffic ticket in Ventura and you are now dealing with the Ventura County Traffic Court? Forget about that traffic ticket right now. When it comes to dismissing your Ventura traffic ticket and keeping your driving record clean, conveniently and effortlessly, only our traffic school course has the experience to back you up.

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No Traveling. No Inconveniences. No Worries.

Avoid all the problems of getting and fighting a traffic ticket with our Ventura traffic school. We have successfully helped thousands of drivers clear their ticket by taking an approved Ventura traffic school course. By taking our simple, easy-to-follow online traffic school, you'll gain peace of mind knowing that you are well on your way to a clean driving record, quickly and easily.


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Stay away from the 8-hour traffic school and defensive driving classes that you must attend on a Saturday. Take traffic school on your own time and from the comfort of your own home. Our Ventura traffic school course is an approved 8-hour traffic school course. Study all at once or over time. Our defensive driving course is interactive with text, video, flash, and images. When you pass our course your certificate is processed instantly and you can print a confirmation directly online.


Did you know?

On March 31, 1782, the Mission San Buenaventura was founded by Father Serra, named after Saint Bonaventure. Buenaventura is composed of two Spanish words, buena meaning "good" and ventura meaning "fortune." The town that grew up around the mission is named San Buenaventura, which came to be known as Ventura. In the 1790s, the Spanish Governor of California began granting land rights to Spanish Californians, often retiring soldiers. These grants were known as ranchos and consisted of thousands of acres of land that were used primarily as ranch land for livestock. By 1822, there were 19 rancho grants in Ventura County. (Wikipedia)

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