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What is The Best Family Car For Your Family?

"For the first time ever annual global auto sales have topped 80 million vehicles, according to consulting firm IHS Automotive. The firm tallied year-end sales numbers from around the world and came up with a total of 82.84 million vehicles, a 4.2% increase compared to 2012. The sales pace means 2.6 new vehicles were sold every second last year." According to this source, the options for purchasing a vehicle have never been so broad!

Choosing the right vehicle for your family is a crucial step and one that should not be taken lightly. Next to purchasing your own home, purchasing a vehicle typically ranks as number two in importance when considering the amount of time and sometimes money invested into your vehicle shopping.

So, what is the best family car to purchase for your family anyway?

When specifically searching for a family vehicle it makes the process even that much more complicated and important because it involves more than one person. While considering a vehicle with a family's needs you will need to incorporate vehicle types with added space for storage, as well as extra safety measures as you will typically be having more people riding in the vehicle at a given time.

There is a lot to consider and weigh, and one vehicle type certainly will not fit every family. Considering all of your options will help weed out the vehicles that would not be a good choice for your family in particular.

Makes and models to consider:

Below, you will find some of the most practical options without having to bend too much on the style of the vehicle.

  • Nissan Juke: Listed at $19,340-$24,930. This car isn't going to be spacious enough for a large family with only two doors but will accommodate a family with one or two children quite nicely without sacrificing on style. It's known as a kid magnet because of its goofy looking body style. It certainly is one of a kind in appearance, and is available in a 2WD and AWD version.
  • Ford Focus Hatchback: Listed at $18,065-$22,765. This vehicle is slightly larger with five doors and able to accommodate extra bags and equipment more easily. With the fifth door it adds for a lot of extra cargo space without crossing over to the SUV family!
  • Ford Explorer: Listed at $28,190-$39,365. The old style Ford Explorer resembled that of a boat, but the new version is sleek and modern. While you do not have third-row seating with this vehicle, you do have adequate space to comfortably accommodate three children and all of their gear. With endless touch-screen features it's sure to keep you well entertained!
  • Honda Odyssey: Listed at $27,800. If you are ready to make the switch to the minivan family, the Honda Odyssey is a terrific pick for a growing family! With seating for seven, it's built with a lower floor so the risk of rolling over is limited which adds exponentially to the safety factor. And even with the great seven seats and larger body, it proves to be more fuel-efficient than many of its competitors which makes it easy on the wallet.

Make sure you weigh all of the advantages and disadvantages to purchasing a new family vehicle. What does your family need in particular to make your lives easier? What do you want that you can afford? Do your research and a lot of test driving so you can make a confident decision in the end.

Wrapping it up.

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