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Interesting Texas Traffic Stories for June, 2018

Check out some of the interesting news stories and developments affecting Texas drivers from the past month.

Fully driverless cars are on public roads in Texas (The Verge)

“Drive.ai, a self-driving startup based in California, is operating fully driverless vehicles without safety drivers on public roads in Frisco, a suburb outside Dallas-Forth Worth, the company announced this week. The tests are in the run-up to the company’s planned autonomous ride-hailing service, which is scheduled to launch later this summer.” [Read more…]

Commentary: It’s the perfect time for Texas to rethink infrastructure (myStatesman)

“...In the almost 200 years we have been a state, we have reached a population of roughly 27 million Texans. Basically, in less than a half century, we will double what took us almost 200 years to reach. The American Society of Civil Engineers has bestowed an overall grade of “C-” to our roads, bridges, and drinking water systems, just to name a few. I ask the question: Is our current infrastructure prepared to handle this surge in population?” [Read more…]

Texas AG says state funds cannot be used for toll roads (KXAN)

“The issue of whether certain voter-approved funding can be used for Texas toll projects is just as complicated as it was last fall, one lawmaker says.

‘The discussions are all good, but the bottom line is today’s opinion just put us back at square one,’ said Rep. Joe Pickett, D- El Paso.” [Read more…]

Texas becomes the latest state to get a self-driving car service (The Washington Post)

“...city officials said they hope the driverless vans help to reduce the region’s traffic congestion. Located on the northern edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Frisco is home to more than 163,000 residents in a region that is among the worst in the country when it comes to traffic…” [Read more…]

Drive Clean Texas' asks drivers to make clean air a point of state pride (KCBD)

“Texans have many reasons to be proud of the Lone Star state, but for nine different regions around the state, air quality is not one of them. The Texas Department of Transportation's Drive Clean Texas campaign wants to change that.

The campaign wants motorists to take pride in keeping the air clean during the hottest time of year when slow wind speeds and hot, sunny days create conditions where harmful ground-level ozone can form — aided by vehicle tailpipe emissions.” [Read more…]

18 easy tips to reduce emissions as TxDOT launches clear air campaign (KSAT)

“The way you drive and maintain your car or truck affects your vehicle's fuel efficiency and how much you spend on gas. By taking simple steps, you can reduce vehicle emissions and save money at the pump.” [Read more…]

Thousands of criminals were cleared to be Uber drivers. Here's how rideshare companies fought stronger checks (CNN)

“In Texas, Austin and Houston also previously required rideshare drivers to undergo fingerprint background checks, but in 2017 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law legislation that specifically voided all local rideshare regulations. That same year, Uber and Lyft together spent up to $2.3 million on 40 lobbyists in the state, records show.

A Texas legislative aide told CNN Uber and Lyft "contributed" to the formation of the bill. The aide, who asked for anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record, said, ‘Uber had one of the bigger lobby teams we've seen ... but there was no pressure,’ he said.” [Read more…]

TxDOT's Texas Road Watchers Experience (MyHighPlains.com)

“The Texas Department of Transportation wants to make sure you're a better driver and they're doing so through their simulator.

It's called TxDOT's Texas Road Watchers Experience and it stopped by during the Amarillo Venom Game.” [Read more and watch the video…]

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