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Interesting Arizona Traffic Stories for June, 2018

Check out some of the interesting news stories and developments affecting Arizona drivers from the past month.

Tempe police DUI ride-along: 100 driving cues of impaired drivers (ABC 15)

What should you do if you see a suspected DUI driver on the road? Do you know the signs of an impaired motorist?

ABC15 recently rode with Officer Eric Jensen with the Tempe Police Department’s DUI Squad to learn more about impaired driving patterns.

Officer Jensen’s primary role is to find drivers who are operating vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Tempe.

Jensen said he enjoys his role because it is proactive instead of reactive. “I am out here trying to keep something from happening.” [Read more…]

Uber to shut down self-driving car operation in Arizona after fatality (USA Today)

Uber announced Wednesday that it will abandon its Arizona testing of self-driving cars, a program that had been paused in the wake of a March crash that killed a pedestrian.

The move comes as the ride-hailing company tries to rebrand itself under CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who is now starring in a TV ad in which he describes the company's new mantra as "do the right thing." Uber said it plans to restart autonomous car tests in Pittsburgh, Toronto and San Francisco once officials investigating the Arizona crash wrap up. [Read more…]

Arizona Touts Early Success With System To Prevent Wrong-Way Driving (WBUR)

In January, Arizona began testing a system to both prevent and warn about wrong-way driving on a main stretch of highway there.

Here & Now's Robin Young speaks with state engineer Dallas Hammit about how the system works. [Listen here…]

Arizona road safety advocates pushing for stricter texting ban while driving (ABC 15)

Some lawmakers have called it "common sense legislation." Road safety advocates have been working to get a texting ban law on state books for the last decade, but every year the effort has failed.

Now, Arizona is just one of two states that does not have a specific law banning texting while driving in place. Those who have shot down the effort argue the state's distracted driving law already covers a texting ban, but road safety advocates feel that does not go far enough. [Read more…]

Are Arizona drivers really the worst drivers? (12 News)

A study found that Arizona drivers rank among the worst in the nation based on factors like drunk driving, speeding and failure to comply. [Read more…]

Arizona testing thermal cameras to combat wrong-way collisions (Roads & Bridges)

The state of Arizona is investing in a potential high-tech solution to instantly alert police and motorists to the presence of a wrong-way driver on a roadway.

The state is the first in the nation to test thermal cameras to combat the rate of wrong-way collisions. The number of Americans killed each year in these types of crashes has increased by more than 38% since 2013. Wrong-way collisions also are 50 times more likely to be deadly compared to all vehicle crashes.

As part of a $4 million pilot project, the state is posting the thermal cameras at off-ramps along a 15-mile stretch of I-17 in order to immediately spot a wrong-way driver entering the freeway. [Read more…]

Phoenix facing hurdles in adopting 'Complete Streets' guidelines (ABC 15)

Four years later, some are wondering when Phoenix will ever officially adopt "Complete Streets," an effort to improve the design of roads to better accommodate those who are not behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Frustrated over the perceived lack of progress, a majority of the advisory board tasked with creating the guidelines resigned just last week. []

Arizona law collects new vehicle fee, frees up road revenue (Landline Magazine)

Arizona drivers will soon have an extra fee when registering their vehicle. Gov. Doug Ducey has signed into law a bill to collect a “highway safety fee.” The new fee, collected on all vehicles, will take effect Jan. 1, 2019. Once fully implemented, the fee is expected to raise about $150 million annually.

Previously HB2166, the new law calls for the collection of an annual fee when owners renew their vehicle registration. The new fee is expected to free up transportation money for roads that has gone to support the highway patrol. Troopers now get money mostly from the state’s general fund and the highway fund. The new fee is expected to fully cover costs to fund the Department of Public Safety. [Read more…]

ADOT monitoring crash detection technology in Colorado (ABC 15)

We have high-tech phones, high-tech cars, so what about high-tech roads?

ABC15 is taking a deeper look at a new technology that's not just "hitting the roads" in Colorado--it's underneath them, and how it could maybe save lives. [Read more…]

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