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Interesting Arizona Traffic Stories for July, 2018

Check out some of the interesting news stories and developments affecting Arizona drivers from the past month.

Three driving rules you could be breaking in Arizona (ABC 15)

Learning to drive -- You might say, "Been there! Done that!"

But are you breaking any rules without even knowing it? We're putting your knowledge of the roads to test in an Operation Safe Roads Special Report. [Read more…]

Latest string of deadly pedestrian accidents continues Arizona trend (AZ Central)

Four pedestrians were killed or critically injured after being hit by a vehicle in the Phoenix area over the past week, continuing a trend that has made Arizona one of the deadliest states for pedestrians deaths.

On Monday, a woman died after she was hit by two different trucks while crossing 35th Avenue and Indian School Road. Both drivers fled the scene, according to Phoenix police. [Read more…]

New technology could prevent 'phantom traffic jams' (ABC 15)

It starts with the brake lights, followed by rubbernecking on the freeway. You wonder, "Is that a crash ahead?" As a driver, your assumption would be yes but then the ongoing slowdown stops.

"...Overreacting, stopping too suddenly," Assistant City of Peoria Traffic Engineer Chris Lemka said. "And that just creates a domino effect that seems like there's a traffic jam ahead when there really is not one." [Read more…]

Debate continues over Arizona motorcycle helmet law (ABC 15)

It's a simple question that often solicits long responses: should all motorcyclists in Arizona be required to wear a helmet?

Under Arizona law, only motorcyclists under the age of 18 are required to wear a helmet. [Read more…]

At least 9 killed in Phoenix area by wrong-way drivers in 2018: How to stay safe (AZ Central)

When thinking about wrong-way driving, one story sticks out for Alberto Gutier. The longtime director of the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety remembers hearing about Megan Lange.

The 26-year-old Phoenix fire dispatcher was on her way home when she was hit by a wrong-way driver in 2015. She clung to life but had suffered traumatic injuries and later died.

The Arizona Department of Transportation is working to prevent wrong-way driving crashes on the interstates.

However, the crashes can occur on all types of roadways statewide. []

Cell phone use banned for new teen drivers in Arizona starting July 1 (ABC 15)

Teens with a permit or new graduated drivers license will need to keep their hands on the wheel and off the cell phone.

On July 1, a new law for young drivers goes into effect.

During the permit phase and in the first six months of the graduated license phase, teens cannot use a cell phone while driving.

No talking. No texting.

Violators can face a fine and an extension of the 6-month restricted driving period according to Michelle Donati from AAA. She said the law comes at a good time. [Read more…]

Texting and driving bans in Arizona keep being proposed; but never pass (ABC 15)

ABC15 found Arizona State Legislature bills dating back to 2004 that try to get drivers to put their phones down, but unless you are a new teen driver, texting behind the wheel remains legal.

Families testified in a February 2018 committee hearing about their loved ones killed by drivers texting or otherwise using their phones. The stories brought some legislators to tears. The bill made it out of committee but never became law. Arizona is still one of just three states that don't ban texting for all drivers. Several Arizona cities and counties have bans for drivers on texting or phone usage or hands-free requirements. []

Judge: Arizona can’t deny driver’s licenses for certain immigrants (KTAR)

Arizona cannot deny driver’s licenses to certain immigrants who have protections from deportation based on the state’s own judgment that the applicants aren’t in the country legally, a judge has ruled.

The decision issued by U.S. District Judge David Campbell marks the state’s second legal defeat in recent years over its denial of driver’s licenses to immigrants who have been given protection from deportation by the federal government. [Read more…]

What you need to know about driving during monsoon season (AZ Family)

...Garcia says, during monsoon season, remember to check the weather first before you leave. If you see a storm coming, he advises drivers to wait it out. Monsoon storms typically pass quickly.

"Just give yourself some time, spend some more time in the grocery store, get something to drink, a coffee, a cold drink, stay at work a little longer, stay at home before you go out," he said. [Read more…]

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