Interesting Arizona Traffic Stories for December, 2018

Check out some of the interesting news stories and developments affecting Arizona drivers from the past month.

Road Runner: Input from stakeholders to impact vital Tucson road project (

Community members are being asked to weigh in on design concepts that could potentially improve the flow of traffic on a stretch of Interstate 10 in Tucson and the Barraza Aviation Parkway.

The Arizona Department of Transportation is holding a public meeting for Pima County residents to ask questions about and comment on improvements to I-10 from the I-19 interchange to Kolb Road as well as State Route 210 — Barraza Aviation Parkway — which runs east of downtown to the west side of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Phase one was completed in 2015 to decide the project’s feasibility. [Read more…]

Arizona installs traffic signals that adapt to traffic changes (Transportation Today)

Over the summer, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) installed an adaptive signal timing system on State Route 77, which is the primary north-south route connecting Tucson and Oro Valley and serves approximately 60,000 vehicles daily.

The technology adjusts the timing of traffic signals based on the number of vehicles on the road and their speed. It can modify the length of signal cycles, including left turn arrows.

“Sensors on the corridor provide information about the speed and volume of traffic on the road,” James Gomes, ADOT traffic engineer in Tucson, said. “The software uses that data to send information to each traffic signal along the route and adjust the signal timing to accommodate the traffic demand we’re experiencing at the time.” [Read more…]

Buckle up? Despite law, reminders, many in Arizona don’t (Mohave Daily News)

Arizona law does not require adults to buckle up in the back seat. And it is a “secondary enforcement” state, meaning that while police can cite a driver or front-seat passenger for failing to wear a seat belt, they can’t pull them over for it — they have to have stopped them for something else first.

Arizona is one of a handful of states with both secondary enforcement and back-seat exemptions, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. [Read more…]

DPS trains first responders on traffic incident management (FOX10)

This is a drill, a training scenario on how vehicles in a minor-injury crash are pushed, pulled and dragged.

"I've been doing this for about 10 years every day on my way to work, it's probably at least once or twice a month I'm removing vehicles from the lane in a construction zone," said Matthew Anderson of ADOT.

Anderson is one of those guys who will come to your rescue. He might get there before DPS or police.

"It can be very intimidating with the traffic whizzing by," he said.

A crash that happened on I-17 a few weeks ago where a car rolled on its side is an example of the traffic incident management course being taught today. You can see a patrol car pulling the wrecked car across the freeway to the shoulder. [Read more…]

In a minor crash? Move your car out of travel lanes (

If you have the misfortune to be involved in a non-injury fender bender on a freeway, do not leave your car stopped in travel lanes, while you circle the vehicle taking photos of dents and dings from dozens of angles and waiting for a forensics team to arrive and piece together the cause of the collision.

That’s not safe and they’re not coming.

If you find yourself in this situation move your vehicle to the shoulder where you can safely exchange information with the other driver, inspect your vehicle for damage and wait for law enforcement to arrive. This is called “Quick Clearance” and is a traffic incident management strategy that keeps motorists safe and traffic moving. [Read more…]

Where are you most likely to receive a speeding ticket in Arizona? (AZ Family)

A CBS 5 Investigates analysis of hundreds of thousands of speeding tickets from Scottsdale to Peoria, Mesa to Phoenix and freeways in between show that the speed at which drivers are most likely to receive speeding tickets varies widely, depending on the agency patrolling the roadways.

The highest number of speeding tickets issued in the City of Phoenix so far in 2018, were issued to drivers who were traveling at 11 miles per hour over the speed limit.

In Scottsdale, the magic number was 15 miles per hour over the limit.

In Peoria, it was 20 miles per hour over the limit. [Read more…]

AZ drivers to pay higher gas prices than most of the U.S. (FOX10)

Lots of people are hitting the road this afternoon for Thanksgiving, and according to data, Arizona drivers will be paying higher gas prices than most of the nation.

The average price in Phoenix is $2.89, which is 29 cents higher than the national average of $2.60...

According to the AAA, the reason why gas prices in Arizona are higher than the nation's average mostly has to do the high prices in the West Coast, as a region. Arizona relies on half of its fuel source from the western pipeline out of California. [Read more…]

Uber, Arizona State partner to offer free degrees to some drivers (KTAR)

Arizona State University has expanded its program that offers free degrees to employees of a company to the largest ride-sharing app in the country: Uber.

Uber and the university announced Thursday that drivers will be able to pursue higher education through the pilot program by taking classes online.

The program will launch in eight places: Phoenix, Denver, Chicago, Seattle, New Orleans, Orlando, Tampa and New Jersey. The company aims to eventually roll the program out nationwide. [Read more…]

Safest drivers in America: Mesa, Scottsdale, Gilbert rank high in lists (ABC15)

Several Arizona cities took high rankings for safe drivers across the nation in a recent report.

A report released by Allstate ranked the 200 largest cities for the 'best drivers' across the U.S. in 2018 and Mesa and Scottsdale ranked 15th and 16th, respectively.

Other Arizona cities that ranked in the top 30 include Gilbert, which ranked 21st, and Chandler, which ranked 26th. [Read more…]

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