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Interesting Arizona Traffic Stories for May, 2018

Check out some of the interesting news stories and developments affecting Arizona drivers from the past month.

Arizona Senate OKs legislation adding $4 to traffic citations (Tucson.com)

“Motorists who speed or drift through stop signs may soon be paying a bit more in fines. Legislation approved Tuesday by the Arizona Senate would tack a $4 penalty fee on all traffic fines. The proceeds would be used to pay for new training equipment for police agencies around the state.” [Read more…]

Transportation Officials Look for Fixes to Flagstaff Traffic (U.S. News)

“State transportation officials are looking for ways to ease traffic congestion on Flagstaff's busiest roads. The Arizona Department of Transportation says it will lay out long-term plans to improve traffic flow and safety on Milton Road and on U.S. 180.” [Read more…]

ADOT unveils winning safety signs, will be on display this weekend (AZ Central)

“The winning message — “Buckle up, buttercup" — was actually submitted four different times.” [Read more…]

Ducey signs bill for new $18 car-registration fee – could free up money for teachers (AZ Central)

Arizona motorists will have to pay a new vehicle-registration fee of about $18 in the next year.

Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill Wednesday that creates a new highway-safety fee. The fee is expected to bring in about $149 million per year to fund highway-patrol operations. But in a roundabout way, the fee is really about paying for road construction and repairs. Some revenue also could help with teacher raises, lawmakers said. (Read more…)

10 things towing companies can't do under new Arizona law (AZ Central)

A new law signed by Gov. Doug Ducey cracks down on bad behavior by Arizona towing companies and helps owners whose cars are towed after accidents to retrieve them with less hassle. (Read more…)

Investigation is still underway, but for now, Uber’s autonomous tech won’t be used on Arizona streets (Top Speed)

This week, the Governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, responded by officially suspending Uber’s autonomous vehicle testing on public roads in the state of Arizona.

In a letter addressed to Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO at Uber, Governor Ducey labeled the crash as “an unquestionable failure” on the part of Uber to consider public safety as its top priority while conducting self-driving testing. [Read more…]

Arizona ranks high for hit-and-run deaths (Havasu News)

Arizona had the fifth-highest fatal hit-and-run rate among states in 2016, a year that saw the most hit-and-runs fatalities nationwide, according to a new report by the AAA. [Read more…]

Arizona Transportation Officials Urge Travelers To Buy New ID (KJZZ)

Arizonans will have to provide more documents, such as Social Security cards and utility bills, to obtain a Voluntary Travel ID card. It costs $25 and will be valid for eight years.

After the deadline, travelers could also use another form of federally compliant identification, such as a passport. [Read more…]

The states with the best drivers in America (Wisc News)

Arizona drivers report a moving violation rate of just under 18%. The percentage of drivers with a record of speeding tickets and DUIs also came in eighth overall. That may be in part because Arizona has some of the strictest DUI laws in the nation, and the state’s speeding tickets include up to an 83% surcharge that helps fund various civil programs. With such heavy penalties looming over them, it’s not surprising that Arizona drivers are more law-abiding than most. [Read more…]

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